Laser hair removal at the speed of light

LEDA EPI – The fastest diode laser system for hair removal

The diode laser system LEDA EPI sets new standards in high-speed hair removal on all skin types. An entire back can be treated in less than ten minutes!

Its unique linear scan technology and big spot size of 50 x 12 mm make LEDA EPI the fastest laser system for hair removal worldwide. The extraordinarily big spot allows for fast, homogenous treatments and high penetration depth. For hidden areas, an additional smaller spot is the perfect treatment choice.

Hair removal on all skin and hair types

Clinical studies prove the reliable, long-lasting results for hair removal with LEDA EPI on all skin types. LEDA EPI offers two applicators for hair removal: LEDA EPI 808 is suitable for all skin types with the proven wavelength of 808 nm. LEDA EPI 980 with 980 nm wavelength is especially suited for patients with darker skin.

With the FHR® Fractional Hair Removal technology and the Low Fluence Mode, the diode laser system LEDA EPI provides special programs for the gentle treatment of sensitive skin and darker skin. Thanks to its high penetration depth, LEDA EPI removes deeper lying hair as effectively as superficial hair. Even fine hair can be removed easily by short pulses with very high fluence.

High comfort for physician and patient

LEDA EPI supports the operator with an intuitive treatment wizard. You only have to select easy-to-judge criteria such as skin type or hair color of your patient at the large color touch screen. LEDA EPI automatically suggests the appropriate treatment parameters according to the individual patients needs. A manual choice of treatment parameters is also possible. To increase patient comfort, either a contact cooling or an air cooling device can be attached to the handpiece.

LEDA – The expandable platform system

LEDA is modularly expandable. Besides the diode laser handpieces for hair removal, various high-power LED applicators are smart expansions to the platform system LEDA. For narrow-band therapy of diverse indications, the applicators apply specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet, blue, yellow and red light spectra. Just combine the multifunctional basis LEDA and the applicators according to your needs!

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Dr. Sonja Grunewald

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David Slouka, M.D.

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