The high-end solution for hair removal with 755 nm

ARION – The fastest alexandrite laser for hair removal

ARION is the alexandrite laser system for fast and effective hair removal. It is also suitable for effective treatments of superficial vessels and pigment changes of the skin.

The alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755 nm is gold standard for laser hair removal on skin types I-IV. 70 watt power and repetition rates of up to 5 Hertz make ARION one of the fastest and most powerful alexandrite laser systems on the market.

Fast and effective on all kind of hair

The alexandrite laser system ARION is extremely versatile. Flexible pulse widths and energy densities always offer the perfect combination of treatment parameters. That’s why ARION can even remove fine or deeper lying hair reliably and with long-lasting results. The ergonomic handpiece is suitable for easy treatments of hidden areas. And ARION offers an optional, unique scanner for even faster and precise hair removal. The extraordinarily big scan area of 60 x 65 mm automatically sets the laser pulses with optimal overlap.

ARION – The versatile alexandrite laser system

ARION is the ideal solution for long-lasting laser hair removal. The versatile alexandrite laser system with 755 nm wavelength is also suitable for superficial vascular and pigmented skin changes. ARION removes pigment changes such as solar lentigo as well as treating telangiectasia, rosacea and other changed vessels.

Burst Mode for gentle treatments

ARION’s special Burst Mode for skin-protective, effective laser hair removal splits up every laser pulse in several short, quick sub-pulses. The epidermis can cool down between the sub-pulses and is thus protected, improving patient comfort and reducing the risk of side effects. The target structure is heated step by step and reliably destroyed, whether hair follicle, vessel or pigment.

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Prof. Dr. Uwe Paasch

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"ARION is a great laser that is fast and effective..."  read more